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Team Dog Tags, Bulk Discount, Unique Identity Tags, Team Discount


Military Dog Tag
Dog tags - Military Dog Tag


Small Gold Dog Tag
Dog tags - Small Gold Dog Tag


Small Rhodium Dog Tag
Dog tags - Small Rhodium Dog Tag


Small Military Dog Tag
Dog tags - Small Military Dog Tag


Blue Aluminum Tag
Dog tags - Blue Aluminum Tag


Red Aluminum Tag
Dog tags - Red Aluminum Tag


Black Aluminum Tag
Dog tags - Black Aluminum Tag


Green Aluminum Tag
Dog tags - Green Aluminum Tag


Copper, Bronze, Green and Orange, Red, Light Blue Thick Dog Tag
Dog tags - Copper, Bronze, Green and Orange, Red, Light Blue Thick Dog Tag


Rhodium Plated 3D Tags
Dog tags - Rhodium Plated 3D Tags


Small Rhod. 3D Dog Tags
Dog tags - Small Rhod. 3D Dog Tags


Small Gold 3D Tags
Dog tags - Small Gold 3D Tags


Gold Plated 3D Tags
Dog tags - Gold Plated 3D Tags


Gold Plated Dog Tag
Dog tags - Gold Plated Dog Tag


Rhodium Plated Dog Tag
Dog tags - Rhodium Plated Dog Tag


Gold Round Tags
Dog tags - Gold Round  Tags


Gold Plated Oval
Dog tags - Gold Plated Oval


Rhodium Plated Oval
Dog tags - Rhodium Plated Oval


Rhodium Tiffany
Dog tags -  Rhodium Tiffany


Gold Tiffany
Dog tags - Gold Tiffany


The Great Significance of Wearing Team Dog Tags

Military dog tags have been around for as long as I can remember. It is a significant accessory of army men which serves them the purpose of identification and sometimes for medical reasons too. Nowadays, this necklace is not only seen on military officials but on any person who enjoys the idea of wearing it. Celebrities, fashionistas and teenagers are so hooked with the necklace. This useful and stunning bling has turned into one of hottest accessory of the moment. This is due to the fact that aside from looking really gorgeous, dog tags are special necklaces that can hold important meanings to the person wearing it. This unique accessory can also be worn by individuals belonging to a particular association to be the defining factor of their group in portraying their team's message or characteristic.

Ball games are normally composed of people playing for the glory of being hailed as the best team in the league. We often see these athletes's wearing the same set of uniforms but with different numbers on it to identify them from the rest of their fellow players. Several baseball athletes are now wearing what they call as team dog tags to put in more style in their looks. In addition, these silver necklaces can be imprinted with the player's medical info so that when injuries take place, they can be easily treated with regards to their current health status.

Another group of people that enjoys the benefit of wearing team dog tags are those belonging in an organization. They can use the necklace to indicate their group's name and the date it was founded. If they have a logo or quote that stands for their association, they can as well engrave it in the tag and utilize it to speak out of the advocacies they are supporting. When people take a glimpse of what they are wearing, they will instantly know that they are a member of such group. The necklace will be an inspiring piece of jewelry that will remind the member about their fight for a particular cause.

Teenagers are so fond of having cliques. It makes them feel more confident when hanging out with fellow teens they can relate to. To mimic their common attitudes, they often wear almost identical style of clothing and use similar accessories. One piece of ornament that will be perfect for group of teenagers are custom made dog tags. They can personalize it according to what they like such as their favorite color, fancied shape and then embossed it with the name of their group. For sure, the necklace will make each of them stand out and their clique be known.

Being in a group builds a person's ability to interact with other people and teach them the value of respect and cooperation. They may come from different walks of life but are untied with the same purposes and aspirations. A member who's wearing their team's symbolic necklace like personalized dog tags holds the pride and honor of belonging in the group.