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Blue Tag with Swarovski Crystal

$ 12.95

29 x 50mm


A beautiful Blue Tag with the famous Swarovski Crystal elements around the edge. The anodized finish is extremely durable. Use editor to customize your tag.

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Product Description

Gift Ideas for Women    

A perfect Gift Idea for Women. Show her that your love will last as long as this Blue Tag with Swarovski Crystal. Made from anodized aluminum, well known for it’s durability.  The Swarovski Crystals around its edge give the sparkle all woman love, a perfect Gift Idea for Women and Girls. If you’re running out of ideas,  you’ve come to the right place. Make her heart melt with this stunning Blue Tag engraved with your most romantic lines. Add a sterling silver ball chain and a beautiful gift box to make it a complete gift.

A beautiful Blue Tag with Swarovski Crystal elements around the edge, famous for its quality. The anodized finish gives it a subtle shine when catching the light and the crystals twinkle to give it a festive sparkle. Use the  template to customize with an image you pick and have us engrave your loved ones favorite saying, Bible verse or quote. It can be fun and humorous or make it inspirational and romantic. This makes gift ideas for women so easy, but not for woman only, this tag is suitable for all, at any age.